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    CGC was created out of pure love for gaming. Our engineers loved playing video games during their spare time. When playing driving games, they found it hard to find the proper mounting for steering wheel, pedals etc. to fully enjoy the experience. It was then that they thought “there must be a better way…” They also enjoyed playing classic arcade games from their childhood and wanted to share that nostalgic experience with the new generations and CGC was born.

    What sets us apart:

    • These are NOT refurbished units from the 1980-s:
    • New custom models 3D-designed by engineers
    • Custom built from scratch using our state of the art CNC machines and FULL machine shop (not made in a home garage by hand!)
    • High quality workmanship by a PROFESSIONAL COMPANY that you know will still be around
    • Made by our professional cabinet makers and mechanical and electrical ENGINEERS.
    • Custom graphic designer and professional print shop
    • Special high grade materials and no visible screws on the sides (we spent a lot of time perfecting the design)