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  • 2-Player Cabinet

    Call for Price

    One of our most popular Custom Gaming Creations! This arcade is our classic stand-up 2-Player best seller. This cabinet is made of 5/8 MDF wood, which is precision cut with CNC machines. The cabinets are primed and painted with multiple coats of your choice of color. The 2-Player can be customized how you want it to be.

    Included features:

    • 24” Monitor
    • Standard Computer
    • Control Panel Hardware (joysticks, buttons, interface, wiring)
    • Trackball
    • Stereo Speakers
    • Installation: monitor; configuration of electronics; painting of glass to match monitor; electrical wiring for hardware, power, lighting, audio; setup and configuration of games, multimedia and buttons for user interface

    Upgrade Options:

    • 32″ Monitor (Larger screen and wider cabinet) – $200
    • Higher Performance Computer (Upgraded Processor, RAM, video card. Capable of games – requiring more advanced hardware i.e. simulators, PC games, emulators etc.) – $150
    • LED Buttons (Buttons with LED lighting) – $100
    • LED Trackball (Trackball with LED lighting) – $50
    • Decorative LED Lighting (LED strip lighting on cabinet exterior and underneath control panel to add glowing effects.) – $200
    • Sound Activated Decorative LED Lighting (Decorative LED lighting with sound reactivity response to game music and sound effects. $275
    • Single Slot Coin Door (Functioning coin door that lights up and accepts quarters or game credits with one slot.) – $75
    • Upgraded Sound System (Upgrade to 2.1 channel sound system with higher wattage stereo speakers along with the addition of a subwoofer.) – $100
    • 1-Player Light Gun (Gun used for shooting games, includes a holster on the side of cabinet.) – $200
    • 2-Player Light Guns (Guns used for shooting games, includes holsters on the sides of cabinet.) – $350
    • Keyboard and Mouse Drawer (Keyboard and mouse drawer Additional slideout drawer to store keyboard, mouse, other controllers, and other items.) – $150
    • Plexi-Glass Control Panel Cover (Protects the control panel from liquid spills, scratches, other damage from extended use.) – $75
    • Custom artwork (Can be artwork sent personally or designed by our staff. If artwork is not requested our standard artwork will be included at no additional cost) – Call for pricing

    Ultimarc Light Guns are IN STOCK and ship out the same day, using USPS priority mail with 2-3 day average delivery.