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    Custom Arcade – Pre-built 2-Player

    Original price was: $5,375.00.Current price is: $4,995.00.

    • 32″ TV
    • Higher Performance Computer: Level 2
    • Control Panel Hardware (joysticks, buttons, interface, wiring)
    • GREEN LED Buttons
    • GREEN LED Trackball
    • Single Slot Coin Door
    • Upgraded Sound System
    • Plexi-Glass Control Panel Cover
    • Custom artwork
    • Installation: monitor; configuration of electronics; painting of glass to match monitor; electrical wiring for hardware, power, lighting, audio; setup and configuration of games, multimedia and buttons for user interface


    Custom Arcade – Pre-built 2-Player

    Challenge your friends/family to a friendly battle, or go head to head in a competition to get the high score. Get this stand-up arcade for your man-cave, garage, or home arcade today and be the envy of your friends!

    These arcades are meticulously built with special high grade materials, and the use of CNC machines. Sturdy, rock solid design you can feel the quality of!

    This stand-up unit with a 32″ HD LED Screen is pre-built and ready to go.  Features a high performance level 2 upgrade with a dedicated video card, larger 1 Terabyte solid state hard drive.  All LED buttons are Green with a nice Carbon fiber Green control panel overlay. Competition joysticks were utilized for high performance gaming. The arcade has a functional single slot coin door for the retro look and feel. Upgraded sound system with high end speakers and dedicated sub-woofer included. The control panel has a Plexi-glass cover to protect the artwork and adds a glow effect with the LED Buttons. As with all our units, there are no visible screws and all components have been CNC cut for precision, then finished with T-Molding to protect and smooth all edges.


    For an Custom Arcade – Pre-built 2-Player WITH light guns please see our fully loaded unit here