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  • Custom Pedestal Arcade


    Our Complete Pedestal includes:

    Control Panel Hardware (joysticks, buttons, interface, wiring)
    Standard Computer

    Configuration of electronics
    Stereo Speakers
    Connection of speakers and hardware to computer
    Electrical wiring for hardware, power, lighting, audio
    Setup and configuration of games, multimedia and buttons for user interface

    Computer *

    Sound System *

    Coin Door *

    Button Type *

    See Button & Joystick Colors in Product Picture Gallery

    Player 1 Joystick Color *

    Player 2 Joystick Color *

    T-Molding Color *

    See Color Swatches in Product Picture Gallery

    Trackball *

    Light Gun Add-On *

    External Lighting *

    USB Gamepads *

    Required for consoles with analog controllers (i.e. N64, PS1)

    Custom Artwork *

    Control Panel Graphics *

    See Control Panel Colors in Product Picture Gallery

    Product price: $2,500.00
    Total options:
    Order total:


    Custom Pedestal Arcade

    Challenge your friends/family to a friendly battle, or go head to head in a competition to get the high score. Get this Custom Pedestal Arcade for your man-cave, garage, or home arcade today and be the envy of your friends! This arcade is for those who are limited in space, have large TV’s already installed on walls, or for gamers on-the-go. The shelf on the top is perfect to put your drink down while you game.

    These arcades are meticulously built with special high grade materials, and the use of CNC machines. Sturdy, rock solid design you can feel the quality of!

    This Custom Pedestal Arcade control panel has a Plexi-glass cover to protect the artwork and adds a glow effect if upgraded with LED Buttons. As with all our units, there are no visible screws and all components have been CNC cut for precision, then finished with T-Molding to protect and smooth all edges. This unit can have Light guns and foot pedals for games where you need to crouch but will require plugging in a IR Sensor Bar to your TV.



    • Higher Performance Computer (Upgraded Processor, RAM, video card. Capable of games – requiring more advanced hardware i.e. simulators, PC games, emulators etc.)
    • LED Buttons (Buttons with LED lighting)
    • LED Trackball (Trackball with LED lighting)
    • Decorative LED Lighting (LED strip lighting on cabinet exterior and underneath control panel to add glowing effects.)
    • Sound Activated Decorative LED Lighting (Decorative LED lighting with sound reactivity response to game music and sound effects.
    • Single Slot Coin Door (Functioning coin door that lights up and accepts quarters or game credits with one slot.)
    • Upgraded Sound System (Upgrade to 2.1 channel sound system with higher wattage stereo speakers along with the addition of a sub-woofer.)
    • 1-Player Light Gun (Gun used for shooting games, includes a holster on the side of cabinet.)
    • 2-Player Light Guns (Guns used for shooting games, includes holsters on the sides of cabinet.)
    • Plexi-Glass Control Panel Cover (Protects the control panel from liquid spills, scratches, other damage from extended use.)
    • Custom artwork (Can be artwork sent personally or designed by our staff. If artwork is not requested our standard artwork will be included at no additional cost) – Call for pricing