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    Our clients love our products. Here is what they had to say!

    “I was lucky to find Custom Gaming Creations when I did! I needed an arcade made in a short amount of time for a party I was throwing, and they came through! My arcade was exactly what I wanted with my own customization, including my light guns. They have been very supportive along the way, and made themselves available for service calls anytime I had any questions. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for their own custom gaming center.” – Michael P.

    “I came to these guys a few days before Thanksgiving to get an arcade for my dad’s birthday. I got it right in time, and my dad loved it, especially because the marquee had his name on it. We put it in our home movie theatre, and we’ve been playing with it nonstop ever since. Definitely made the right choice!” – Armen S.

    “I had a dream where I could buy a car racing arcade unit loaded with many games. Even better if I could get two racing arcade units with multiple games so I could play against a friend. Then I began researching it online and found Custom Gaming Creations and that’s when my dream came true! If you love driving games like I do, being able to play over a hundred games in one unit is incredible especially when you have two units for two players! Call them today!” – Jay M.